Standing in the way shouting „Lookatme. Looookatmeee!!!“
Sure, if an ad is good, it´s probably the best interruption you can think of.
Still it’s an interruption, really.

But things are getting better.

We witness a new breed of communication. It´s on the rise and it´s very enjoyable.
Advertising that improves peoples lifes.

It´s born out of two reasons.

  1. People have a million alternatives to advertising every second. So brands have to do more to attract their attention.
  2. Digital technology has opened up new amazing opportunities to combine useful features with a brand message.

„Moreketing“, thats how we decided to call it (and while you´re laughing: find a better term and we´ll use it!).

At we randomly pick what we consider the best examples worldwide.
We hope they will be of any use.