Helping starts with knowing: the “Family Breakfast Project” by Cheerios.

By on September 6, 2014, in found & approved

Do you have kids? Then you know about the quality of a monday morning breakfast: there is none. It’s pure stress.
Cheerios sells cereals, mainly to families. Instead of telling them how great it is to use their products for breakfast, they decided to improve the breakfast itself and thus create a better user experience.

The brand came up with lovely, insightful ideas that really have the potential to make breakfast a fun thing.

The quality of those ideas prove that Cheerios really knows about the siutation they are trying to improve.

And thats what we think is essential for good moreketing: it starts with knowing the needs of the people. Finding out who you are talking to and what he/she needs is much more important than it used to be with classical advertising. It’s no coincidence, Cheerios teamed up with a group of scientists to get started…