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The Michelin stars were an effort to sell tires.

By on August 10, 2014, in the early days

Moreketing in 1900. The famous Guide Michelin originally was a piece of advertising.
At the time there were hardly more than 3000 cars in France. Still the Michelin brothers believed in the future of the automobile and the pneumatic tire. So they decided to support the efforts of the french motorists with a printed guide, containing informations about how to handle the tires, where to find mechanics (a rare species at the time), service stations and: good food along the way. A few years later the guide, people were even willing to pay for the useful guide and it became a supplementary source of income for Michelin.

The Michelin brothers believed in the right things, it seems. Michelin tires became one of the biggest players in the market and the Michelin Stars became the strongest currency in the world of taste.